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Payment methods

Credit Card


We accept:
MasterCard · Visa · Discover · American Express · JCB · Diners Club International ·

Credit card payment declined?

There are several reasons that might explain why:

1. If the payment fails, you can try to contact the card issuing bank to inquire whether there is a limit on the amount of cross-border payment, whether it supports cross-border payment, or choose another card to pay2. Use a bank card that can be used normally, and fill in the correct bank card number and card number date during the payment process3. Keep the card balance sufficient to pay for the products you need to buy4. Fill in the correct verification information within a certain period of time 

If you believe any of the above issues are preventing your order from being completed, please reach out to your bank for further instructions and directions.
If you need more support, please contact via email or online chat.

PayPal & PayPal Credit
We accept payment via PayPal & PayPal credit.
PayPal Credit may only be accessed from within your PayPal Account. If you have not yet merged the two, need to create an account.

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